Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What Have We Been Up To

What's Happening in April & May

April has been an incredible month so far for us, and we're still ramping up for the remaining week and a half. We are grateful to reflect on the past month and half with you.

On March 5th we celebrated a beautiful afternoon of sisterhood with Maidens to Crones, oh! what an honor! With 40 women in attendance, the abundance of magic was palpable from the moment you entered the space. We are thrilled that we were able to host our event at Barrevolution, once again, and thankful for all of our goodie bag contributors.

The weekend of April 7-9th we held a beautiful weekend retreat in the gorgeous countryside of Darlington, MD. These women did some really deep work, released, let loose, and created beautiful gifts for each other. Don't take our word, read what one attendee wrote.

"This retreat is something I am going to suggest to every woman I know. It's truly a magical weekend that fills and cleanses your soul in ways you don't even know you need. It opened up the flood gates of empowerment, self love, confidence, support and true sisterhood. It changed me, FORVER. My life will never be the same because of every single moment and person involved in this retreat. The weight of world was lifted off my shoulders and I now I'm in a state of constant euphoria. Everyone EVERYONE I come in contact with comments on how beautiful I look or how happy I am or that I am glowing. I have noticed strangers smiling just from watching or looking at me. I would give up every penny I have and even more to experience this. I feel like I truly started living, I broke free now I am me and I'm eternally grateful for that!" ~C

We are planning more retreats for this summer, including more for Sacred Pregnancy- weekend and one day events, I AM Sisterhood- a variety of one day events with different themes.

We continue to support the Goucher College campus in building community within their students and faculty, together. We're looking forward to their finals week and bringing the sacredness of this movement into the academic side, as well.

We know this is a bit long, but this last piece is important. We have a very dear Sacred siSTAR in Frederick County who has come up with a truly beautiful gift to other mothers. Her son is being treated for cancer at Children's National Medical Center, and the 2 of them wanted to support others in honor of Mother's Day. They are creating magical gift bags with all sorts of goodies donated from so many incredible people. Our local Sacred Living Movement Maryland community is helping with this project. We are gathering on two dates to create Mother's Day cards for the moms on the oncology inpatient unit at the hospital. Click here for more information. We are also raising funds to purchase 35 Sacred Motherhood books for each of the gift bags, as well. We hope you will support us in making this possible. Hope to see you at our first gathering this Thursday, April 20.

There is still one spot left for the Sacred Brotherhood Retreat coming up in a couple weeks here in Maryland, if you know someone who might be interested, send them the link.

With love and gratitude,
Sisters in Unity

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