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Sacred Living Movement Offerings in Maryland

With So Many Programs, Here's What Is Being Offered Locally

Sacred Pregnancy 

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Your Sacred Pregnancy is a journey. We are hell bent on changing the birth conversation as Sacred Pregnancy classes bring back the age old tradition of women sitting with one another during pregnancy and birth, getting EMPOWERED, witnessing each others process and BEING there for one another during an incredibly power-FULL rite of passage…becoming mothers. Sacred Pregnancy classes are a special place for pregnant women to gather together, for 8 weeks early on in their ‘pregnancy journeys’ and come back later with their partners for a 4 week ‘birth Journey’ course. Each week is spent exploring pertinent topics that naturally arise for most women as they walk down their pregnancy paths and encourage deep sharing, exploring ART, expression, laughter, honoring and CELEBRATION. Pregnancy is one of the DEEPEST DRINKS life has to offer, and should always and in all ways be treated as S A C R E D. Each woman’s pregnancy pot gets stirred with various emotions and we all need a safe place to process those tides and sip some sanity from the community cauldron. We want to take the pregnancy + BIRTH conversation through winding unsure roads, down unbeaten paths, out on adventures, for a slow dance, get sexy BEAUTIFUL with it, down and bloody with it, cram it with herbs, tears, passion, love and FRESH PERSPECTIVE, crack it open for new rays of sunlight to shine down and help enlightened visions grow, and mostly have fun pouring over all this juicy goodness together, in the new sisterhood we are creating! We are going old school in order to meet women where they need to be met! The Sacred Pregnancy movement is blossoming because of two things: 1. women are calling for change + 2. biz as usual isn’t enough! WE WANT MORE, WE DESERVE MORE, WE CRAVE MORE... and we are waking up to how to GET MORE! And what is this MORE I speak of? 

The Art of Sacred Postpartum

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Crossing the threshold from maiden to mother is a massive undertaking that not only needs to be recognized and ceremonially honored, but deeply necessitates a healing touch that can welcome the new mama with open arms. As a Postpartum Mother Roaster, we are charged with holding space for women on the other side of birth, we are reminded of being reverent with service to her, and blessed to be her witness as she starts feeding her baby milk, heals her body, and begins to seal the rawness of her birth experience. We are there to wrap her in a blanket of loving care, warm her insides, massage her, create herbal tinctures for her, feed her soups, and give her Mother Roasters are CAREGIVERS that nurture new mothers after BIRTH while supporting their RECOVERY + JOURNEY into motherhood; as EVERY women deserves to be welcomed into MOTHERHOOD through GENTLE + LOVING + CARE

Sacred Beginnings

Sacred Beginnings is an 8-week class series designed to continue the Sacred Pregnancy path. We, along with baby, sit together in sacred circle to honor the rite of passage of bringing a baby earth-side, whether it’s the transition from maiden to mother or the transition to more than one child. Empowered by the support of other mothers, we build our village during a time of challenge, beauty and growth. Through the gifts of community, commemoration, celebration and ceremony, we shine light on the many vibrant experiences of mothering - those moments bursting with unbound love as well as the raw, vulnerable times. Prior attendance of Sacred Pregnancy classes is not a requirement; this series is open to all moms, new and experienced alike.

Sacred Milk

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Sacred Milk is a movement inspiring women to trust their bodies, their baby’s and their Milk. Our mission is to nourish the wholeness of each mothers journey and shift our culture to see Milk as a holistic practice, rather than simply a feeding choice. In the last century our culture has been saturated by marketing that has conditioned us to see breasts as sexual and human milk as just a food source. The Journey to Milk program is focused on opening space for women to remember their innate wisdom and then surround themselves with a supportive community. Milk is instinctual, natural, normal, necessary. That doesn’t mean it’s easy or filled with bliss. Milk is not something that can be fully learned from a book or taught on the internet. Milk can not be told. Milk must be modeled, supported and nourished in community because it is a way of living not just a way of feeding. 

Sacred Sweeties

This is a very special SUMMER CAMP FOR LITTLE GIRLS THEIR MOMS. Girls ages 8-14 + their moms can come and enjoy a very special retreat together with us. What we are going to do? 

* Your little sweeties will circle together with mom + without + will connect with nature + learn the importance of creating sacred connections with each other
* The little girls will spend time in sisterhood circles together creating art / learning about the wise ways of sisterhood medicine. They will pair up with each other to do self-esteem raising beauty way fun projects and will meet and make great friends!

*Topics for Sacred Sweeties* - morning meditation + centering + cleansing
- beauty way living + sacred space
- sheros + girl power
- inspirational treasure hunt + nature bundles
- moon magic + crystals + PINK tent wisdom
- body image + body painting + cooking
- setting positive intentions + vision board making
- mala making for mama
- kind speech
- honoring each other with a natural spa day (the girls will make a bunch of awesome edible spa products) + flower crown making
- connect with nature in a special way + create a flower essence
- going to the bowl

Topics for Mamas* - morning meditation + centering
- empowering sacred motherhood 
- kind speech and outside influences
- letting go and allowing your girls to fly 
- story making + journal creation
- building peace tent with the mamas for the sacred sweeties
- wild woman nature dancing + nature bundles
- moon magic + crystals + RED tent wisdom 
- finding your inner GODDESS + body image + body painting + cooking
- setting positive mothering intentions + vision board making
- mala making for sacred sweetie 
- connect with nature in a special way + create a flower essence + honoring the little girls
- going to the bowl

*Extra Fun Stuff*
- midnight smoothies + movie night 
- smores by the fire
- swimming in the lake
- hot tubbing
- dance parties
- pj pancake breakfast
- late night giggles 

I AM Sisterhood

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I AM SISTERHOOD breaking F R E E to become ME Women are NATURAL born Creators...They give birth to babies, visions, ART, beauty, dreams and sisterhood! Sometimes we need to get INSPIRED to get on our RIGHT PATH...sometimes we need a sister to say YES! I see you and HONOR you for your choices. Sometimes we need help diving deep within to FIND our soul’s purpose and PASSION. Sometimes we just need a friend. If you are a woman and want to join our Sacred Circle Sisterhood, then this retreat is for you personally. The unique aspect of this retreat is that all you need to be to join is a WOMAN! You will gain so much personal insight, have fun, laugh and cry throughout this journey we will take together. 

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