Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Meet Maggie

I started my journey as a birth worker when I witnessed my first birth in nursing school. The miracle of pregnancy and birth continues to fascinate me and has inspired me to pursue additional training and certification as a labor and delivery nurse, lactation counselor, childbirth educator, sacred pregnancy instructor, and prenatal yoga teacher. I consider myself incredibly lucky that I have been able to participate in so many families' pregnancy and birth journeys in one way or another! 

I believe new parents are able to feel more confident in the decisions they make regarding their family's health when they are encouraged to tune into their intuition and explore their options through education. This is only possible when a supportive environment is created where people feel comfortable asking questions and sharing of themselves. I am passionate about teaching and guiding women and their partners as they discover more about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, babies, and themselves! 

As a part of the Sacred Living Movement here in Maryland, I have had the privilege of watching communities grow and thrive that originated from our classes and events. Sacred Pregnancy has been the answer to my search for a program that will help me empower women to feel strong in their beliefs, their bodies, and their babies as they enter into childbirth. The Sacred Yoga model for prenatal yoga also encourages deep connection between the pregnant woman and growing baby, as well as among all class participants. I look forward to the continued expansion of our offerings so that more women, babies, and families are able to find a community in which to share this incredibly special time in life. 

Celebrating with you all things bumps, births, and babies! ~Maggie

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